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Bare Skins

How Our Story Began

“Healthy radiant skin is not only great for self~esteem, but it is also an indication of health. If your skin is glowing, then you can be sure that your body is getting the essential nutrients that it needs”, always has been Jennifer’s philosophy.
We all know the saying, “You are what you eat”. But so few of us really take the time to actually understand and appreciate how food we put in our bodies affect our overall health, energy and appearance. Nutritionist Krista knows this all too well.

When Jennifer and Krista met, it was a match made in Heaven to open the doors to Haút Institute of Esthetics.


The Inspiration of the name Haut comes from the German origin and means Skin. Haut also means "High", it is extreme attention to detail and the creation of exclusive and high quality.


Everything Haút Institute of Esthetics stands for.

Haùt Institute of Esthetics is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and is a Milady Rise Partner School.

Supporting Haut means You support Teenagers who are in Foster Care, the VA program Rise & Smile for MST Survivors and Aware Central Texas Survivors of Human Trafficking.

It is an Honor to us to be able to provide free Services to these programs.


We are committed for all our Students to leave our Institute with everything they need in both education and skills to immediately join the professional work environment. We also provide everything  to start their own business. Our Students will be able to pass their written and practical examinations with admirable scorers.

We accomplish this by providing our Students with live Models to polish their skills and have a 3-Phase program. Phase 1 focuses on Theory and Technical Skills. Phase 2 is a hands on training by providing Student Spa Services to the Public. Phase 3 is Theory, Study Groups for the written Exam and hands-on Practical Testing for Board Licensing Exam. 

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