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Maintaining High Standards in Esthetic Education and Training Dedicated to CIDESCO Standards 

Passionate about enhancing the appearance and skincare of others so they can feel their best?


Ready to receive advanced training and become a highly desirable skincare specialist?


Discover our unique curriculum that blends both European techniques with American technology.

A passion for skincare can develop over time or happen instantaneously. Maybe you grew up with acne problems and found a product that cleared your skin overnight. Maybe you found a skin care regimen that has kept your skin supple and smooth while delaying the signs of aging. Whatever your reasons for loving skin care, you could turn this passion into a career!


At Haut Institute of Esthetics our Esthetics course covers the basics of skin care like facials, skin analysis, and hair removal, as well as the use of machines such as AquaFacial and LED light therapy.

 Here are a few reasons why a career as a skin care specialist (esthetician) could be a rewarding and  exciting option for anyone passionate about skincare.

Your love of skincare may have come from the first-hand experience of learning how to keep your skin blemish-free. Attending an esthetician training program at a skin care school and becoming certified can prepare you for a career that helps others feel beautiful. There’s nothing more emotionally rewarding than giving a confidence boost to clients. Many people suffer for years with skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. Achieving clear skin can help an individual feel self-assured and comfortable in their own body. Consider all the good you could do in your line of work!

When you become a certified esthetician, you won’t be restricted to certain career options. You could work in a variety of environments including salons, medical spas, makeup artistry agencies, waxing bars, resort hotels, skin care manufacturers, skin product line esthetics representative, and possibly even in a dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office. The job market for skin care specialists is only expected to grow in the future.

Haut Institute provides a dedicated educational space, with a sperate area for theory and lab based/hands on workshops. We are open to the public, giving the trainee the opportunity to observe and participate in daily operations of a busy spa.


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